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why choose sixth form at a gdst school?

The great thing about Sixth Form at a GDST school is that you have a high degree of independence. It’s a big step up and you’re given much more freedom. Basically you are trusted to think for yourself, organise yourself and seize opportunities. And of course you don’t have to wear uniform! In a GDST school you’ll have your own dedicated Sixth Form Common Room where you can work and hang out with friends. Academically, you get all the support you need from your teachers but you’re also encouraged to be confident, resourceful and fearless.

GDST schools feature high in national league tables, with over 75% of A-level results graded A* to B. 93% of GDST Sixth Formers go onto university. Over 70% go on to Russell Group universities with other girls going to art, dance, drama and music schools or apprenticeships.

Everyone works differently. Your strengths will differ from your friends’ strengths, which is why GDST schools offer personalised teaching. That means everything from small class sizes to support and guidance.

You’ll make great friends at a GDST school. All GDST Sixth Formers automatically become members of the GDST Alumnae Network, a 70,000-strong family of former students.

So how does that help you? Through our GDST Rungway app, you can connect with these alumnae (ex-students) at the touch of a button. Ask them about jobs, university, the industries they work in, whatever you want. They’ve been in your shoes and are keen to help you.

Academia is only one part of Sixth Form. These years should be a chance to explore what you love and to find new interests – everything from drama and debating to fashion and football.

Start a band. Set up a club. Try a new language. Get involved with environmental campaigning. And if the opportunity doesn’t exist, we’ll do our best to support you by offering the time and space to set it up.

You are one of a kind. And we want you to be happy. Mental wellbeing is key to happiness and success, so at GDST schools, it’s central to everything we do. That’s why there’s always someone on hand to talk to – from heads of year and form tutors to on-site counsellors and wellbeing captains. We also offer the Positive Programme which is designed to promote your psychological health.

You have a huge range of pathways open to you. Whichever you choose, we want you to be ready to take on the world. That means instilling real confidence in you and the chance to join a community of strong young women.

How do I ask for a pay rise? How should I organise my finances? What makes a strong CV? These questions are just some of the practical life skills we answer in our workshops, arming you with the right skills to pursue your dreams.

Being part of a network of schools brings many advantages. There are events, talks, matches and competitions with other GDST schools. This means you can get involved in our unique events like our Inspire Conferences and network with other girls around the country.

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