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    Our job in the Sixth Form is to nurture and support the whole you. Support is a key word at Wimbledon High School: our Sixth Formers tell us again and again that they regard Sixth Form as their extended family. You will receive advice about university choices and the professions you might enter as well as gain practical experience in preparing for the world after school.

    75% A*/9 or 8/A Level percentage.

    The Sixth Form experience is rightly described as the best that education has to offer. You will experience a greater freedom and enjoy studying subjects that genuinely interest you, in smaller classes, while forming more mature relationships with your teachers who will support you every step of the way.

    We know there's plenty to think about when you're choosing a Sixth Form to help you take your first steps into the outside world. What makes us different? We achieve outstanding results at A-level. We have average class sizes of seven. We provide award winning university and careers guidance. We have a stunning, spacious, and self-contained Sixth Form Centre. We deliver an extensive enrichment programme. We support you with exceptional pastoral care. We give you access to a powerful alumnae network.

    For everyone, the time spent in the Sixth Form is often the most exciting, challenging yet rewarding of their young adult life. At SCHS, our new Sixth Form Centre gives greater independence, and excitement comes from the ample opportunities for enrichment and personal growth which are offered. We want you to question and challenge ideas, but, most importantly, we want you to be unafraid of making mistakes; it is by doing so that we often learn the most.

    South Hampstead High School

    3 Maresfield Gardens, London. NW3 5SS

    The Sixth Form at South Hampstead lights up a world of new opportunities, both intellectual and personal. It’s why so many students describe the final two years at South Hampstead as their very best. Here, you’ll receive outstanding teaching, achieve exceptional A Level results, and quickly feel at home in a place that’s buzzing with activity and fun.

    77% A*/A A-Level percentage.

    At Shrewsbury High School Sixth Form, you will receive the very best support, guidance, teaching and learning, and take up new opportunities and experiences that will help you prepare for the next stage in your life. Through our wide range of co-curricular, super-curricular and leadership opportunities, these exciting two years ahead will give you new skills and qualities that will equip you to make a significant impact upon the world around us both now and in the decades ahead.

    45% A*/A A-level percentage.

    Sheffield High School for Girls

    10 Rutland Park, Sheffield. S10 2PE

    Achieve A-level success at Sheffield Girls’ sixth form. We provide you with vital life skills & an enriched curriculum with leading pastoral care. We are one of the best Sheffield sixth forms, offering a vast array of subjects, state of the art facilities and excellent teaching. We support the development of confident, well-rounded and independent-minded young women and will encourage you to believe that you can achieve anything that you set your minds to.

    41% A*- A A-level percentage.

    Royal High School Bath

    Lansdown Road, Bath. BA1 5SZ

    The facilities we offer our Sixth Form students are superb – from the dedicated Royal High School Bath Sixth Form building, where the ethos is one of greater independence, with small class sizes and more seminar-style lessons, to the Sixth Form Library where girls can find specialist resources and publications. Of course, there must also be space for you to take a well-earned breather, and the multiple common rooms and Café meet that need very well indeed.

    74% A*/B A Level percentage.

    Putney’s dedicated Sixth Form Centre offers the chance to really “stretch your wings” both personally and academically. With tutors who share an infectious passion for their subjects and award-winning careers guidance, we’ll help you achieve outstanding A Level results and give you tailored support for university and beyond. There are small, seminar style classes and countless opportunities to have fun and gain experience. Make lifelong friends and leave Putney well-equipped for an exciting future.

    92% A*- B Level percentage.

    We encourage our girls to have ambition and to fully embrace opportunity. Key to success is our offer of an individualised and inspiring learning experience, where girls take risks and seek challenges in small teaching groups. But it’s not just about examination results—being part of Portsmouth High Sixth Form brings you a wide range of leadership opportunities, from Head Girls to public speaking to peer support.

    You studied broadly for your GCSEs. Now it’s time to look further and think more deeply. To uncover new vistas of knowledge. To own your voice and get passionate about the subjects you love. Along the way, you’ll find yourself delving into your favourite subjects in more depth than ever, but you’ll also go way beyond them, exploring a myriad of opportunities both in and out of the classroom at Sixth Form at Oxford High School.

    77% A*/A A Level percentage.

    Nottingham Girls' High School

    9 Arboretum Street, Nottingham. NG1 4JB

    Perhaps the most exciting time in your education, attending Sixth Form at Nottingham Girls' High School is all about opening doors into the successful future that lies ahead of you. You will achieve incredible things, grow in confidence, and accomplish the skills to set you up for extraordinary futures.

    52% A*/A A Level percentage.

    Notting Hill & Ealing High School

    2 Cleveland Road, Ealing, London. W13 8AX

    Life at the Notting Hill & Ealing High School sixth form is quite different from life “at school”. You’ll be independent, and you will enjoy the freedom and challenge of managing your own time. Classes are small, the atmosphere informal and friendly, and you will share a genuine passion for your subjects with your teachers.

    56% A*/A A Level percentage.

    Norwich High School for Girls

    95 Newmarket Road, Norwich. NR2 2HU

    With a wide choice of A-Level subjects and small class sizes, every girl can be ambitious in her studies at Norwich High School, while receiving outstanding personal support and gaining the confidence to excel. We have an excellent track record of girls gaining places at their first choice University, underpinned by extensive careers advice, educational trips, and a programme of guidance.

    Northwood College for Girls

    Maxwell Road, Northwood. HA6 2YE

    The Sixth Form at Northwood College for Girls offers a forward-thinking and fast-paced learning environment that is focused on achieving optimum academic results and enrichment. Girls are consistently inspired, motivated, challenged and supported to excel in all their goals and aspirations; and to step up to new levels of responsibility, leadership and independence.

    Northampton High School

    Hardingstone, Northampton. NN4 6UU

    Our Northampton High School Sixth Form is truly unique in the region, offering you a bespoke academic approach with inspirational teachers, superb facilities and like-minded, ambitious peers. Our Electives and extracurricular programme will also help you develop new interests and skills that will stay with you for life.

    Intellectual development and a love of learning are at the heart of what Newcastle High School for Girls offers at Sixth Form. Attending Sixth Form here is less about being taught and more about intellectual challenge and discovering a love of learning which is why we get excellent examination results. We want you to share ideas, take unexpected directions and break new ground.

    Howell's School, Llandaff

    134 Cardiff Road, Cardiff. CF5 2YD

    Howell’s Co-Ed College specialises in education at A Level, providing the perfect stepping stone between school and university. Our commitment to offering individual attention through small class sizes and the personal tutor system enables each student to reach their academic potential and feel happy and secure.

    52% A*/A A Level percentage.

    The Sixth Form at Croydon High School is an exceptional and intellectually rigorous place to study. At its core is an academic curriculum characterised by an interactive and exciting approach to teaching and learning. The goal is to inspire aspiration and independence in ‘every girl, every day’ so you can be a confident, engaged, compassionate and ambitious future leader of society.

    Our Sixth Form at Bromley High School has an atmosphere of challenge and innovation and our skilled and supportive teachers know how best to approach your needs, teaching you the independent learning skills that you will need to develop in preparation for university and beyond.

    At Brighton Girls our girls learn without limits. As specialists in girls’ education, we tailor our teaching to the way you learn best, and instil in you the conviction that there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

    70% A* – B A Level percentage.

    Blackheath High School

    Vanbrugh Park, London, SE3 7AG

    Sixth Form curriculum at Blackheath High is both wide-ranging and intellectually engaging. Tutorial and seminar style teaching by teachers who are passionate experts prepares you for higher education and the world of work beyond school with a broad ranging programme of co-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

    At BHSA we believe education is about the whole person and we offer a very warm welcome to any girls considering Sixth Form studies at BHSA. We promise the highest level of academic provision alongside an extensive programme of enrichment activities, all within a friendly and supportive environment.

    The Belvedere Academy has been described by The Good Schools Guide as ‘the school everyone wants their daughter to go to in Liverpool.’ Our students flourish in an ‘Outstanding’ environment with a huge range of educational and extra-curricular opportunities on offer.

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