Honor's Story


From teaching theatre to younger years to playing Danny in Grease, Honor tells us how Sixth Form lets her explore her dramatic side.

How is Sixth Form different from the earlier years?

When you go into Sixth Form, you have a different relationship with your teachers. You get a lot more freedom and they genuinely treat you like adults. Like in English, the first thing our teacher told us was it would be like a seminar. Instead of putting your hand up, you just speak. It’s more like a discussion than the teacher telling you what to do.

What are your hobbies?

I’m really into drama. At the moment, I’m in Grease, but we’re all girls so I’m playing Danny! We’ve also done The Diary of Anne Frank and Hairspray. We take part in the National Theatre Connection, which means we create and perform a play and the best one is performed at The National Theatre. I also run the school drama club for Years 7 to 9. We do games and teach them how to devise a drama piece. I love doing it because I was in a drama club at that age and now I get to run it and see the girls flourish as actresses.


Is that something you want to go into as a career?

Definitely. I love stage acting, musicals, singing and taking LAMDA lessons. I don’t definitely know which I want to do but I’m going to audition for all the top drama schools in London. I’d love to perform in the West End. I definitely feel that being involved in loads of different shows has helped to prepare me for this kind of career.

What would you say are the values of your school?

I’d say there’s a really great attitude where we’ve been encouraged to try our hardest and if it doesn’t go our way, there’ll be something else. You won’t fail at everything. But on top of that, the teachers are just really supportive. If you’re feeling anything, you just know the teachers are there for you. Everyone’s very friendly, but I know if anyone felt left out, there’d be lots of support. I think that’s why we all feel so invested in the school and why I love giving back to it through the drama club, running for prefect and going to the charity society.

What makes the school unique?

There are loads of great opportunities. I’ve just been to Australia with school, and I know there is a trip to Paris coming up. For me, a lot of the reason I stayed here was the support for the performing arts. I just wouldn’t get the same opportunities elsewhere.

Who are your closest friends there?

I’m really good friends with Harriet, Katy and Sadie. We do loads together – go to the cinema, play netball, go ice skating in winter and just hang out. But we’re also quite different, which I like because it means we can all learn about something new and support each other’s interests. For example, while I’m much more about English and Drama, they’re really into science. They even volunteer for Science is My Superpower, which is a programme for girls in Year 5 who want to get into science. Some of us have older sisters who are friends as well, so it’s like a big family!

"I just wouldn’t get the same opportunities elsewhere."

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