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Lara chats to us about winning silver for Great Britain, studying science and joining a brand new school for Sixth Form.

What was it like starting Sixth Form at Shrewsbury High School?

I was obviously nervous because I was new but everyone made such an effort! It’s just a super welcoming community. I’ve been here a year now and I feel very settled. Jess, Ellie and Harriet made so much effort when I first joined and we’re really good friends now.

You guys seem like a close group. What do you do together?

We all study sciences so we’re in a lot of classes together, though we all have different ambitions. I want to study veterinary sciences, whereas Jess and Harriet are more into criminology and social anthropology. We’re also very outdoorsy. We enjoy netball, rounders and going to the gym. On top of all that, we do choir together, so quite a mix! The nice thing about school here is you don’t have to do just one thing.


What’s Sixth Form life like?

I feel like I’m treated as an adult. The teachers work with you, not against you – they definitely want the best for us. Like, the new Head of Year emails us daily; he doesn’t just go to parents. We all feel respected.

Why did you choose Sixth Form here?

A lot of reasons. I felt Shrewsbury High would give me the support I needed. It definitely has! Teachers also really prepare you for the future, whether that’s work experience, personal statements or career advice. There are also loads of great opportunities. For example, we worked on EPQs (research projects) with other GDST schools from the North. It definitely feels like there’s a big family of schools.

What do you enjoy doing outside of School?

I love equestrian sports and ride every weekend. I was really proud to be picked for the Great Britain team for the mounted games. I went to Colorado to represent the country and came second – it was such an amazing experience! I was trained by a British champion. Learning from her has shown just how important it is to be surrounded by supportive people.

“I’ve been here a year now and I feel very settled.”

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